Cheerlights Tray


Cheerlights Tray is a FREE Windows client for Cheerlights service.
It sits in the Tray Notification Area and shows the current Cheerlights color.
If you don't know what is Cheerlights, then have a look on project's web page:
And if you want to change the color of the lights, just sent a tweet @cheerlights with the desired color name in it.

Cheerlights Tray

If you like this program and decide to support / encourage me into it's improvement and development, what about offering me a coffee??

Thanks a lot for your support!! :)

And if you want, let me know what you think of this little program: ideas, suggestions as well of bug reports and critics are wellcome! :)

You can contact me at



Some features already implemented:
- user selectable color update interval
- manual color update
- program update check

- option to automatically start with Windows
- on some special dates icon will change accordingly
- show sequence of up to 10 last color changes

Some features planned to be added in future:
- improved icons and graphics
- history graph and statistics of color changes
- an installer, like all serious programs
- yes, I know, improve web page
- add more special date icons
- every idea, crazy or not, asked from users! Well... almost any... :)



Version Release date Notes
Download count 23/12/2014 - now you can enable up to 10 icons in Tray Notification Area
- corrected a serious bug, PLEASE UPDATE older versions
Download 47 kB 232 04/11/2014 - added seasonal icons
- killed some bugs
Download 45 kB 213 15/07/2014 - initial release Download 36 kB 235



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